Master Project

Jeannine Herrmann

Prisma Publications

9 June 2012–31 October 2015
Zurich and everywhere

Fabio Marco Pirovino, Vanessa Piffaretti, Patrick Hari, Esther Ernst.

Prisma is a monographic artists’ publication and functions as platform for contemporary art. All artist publish a piece that has been realised for Prisma. Its issues are released every three months.

As experimental ground for explorations in publication space, the publication is considered a prism, where visual and textual contents reveal, collide and disperse into new contexts. The publications is the medium of display and the protocol of a related discourse.

The first 4 Issues are realised in collaboration with the following artists:

Fabio Marco Pirovino, Issue 1 (06/2012)
Vanessa Piffaretti, Issue 2 (09/2012)
Patrick Hari, Issue 3 (12/02012)
Esther Ernst, Issue 4 (03/2013)

The publication is now being published by Jeannine Herrmann and Chantal Bron. All ongoing activities are documented on the website