Master Project

Kristin Bauer, Sabina Pfenninger

N.N. Projects on Critical Art Mediation

1 June 2007
Theater der Künste, Forum Schlossplatz Aarau, Kunstmuseum Luzern etc.

N.N. Projects works with productive definitions and strategies for the realization of a broadened, active reception of art, for approaches to mediating art, and for exhibition spaces as non-hierarchical, public spaces for critical publics.

N.N. Projects investigates the interface between curatorial, artistic and receptive praxes and aims to encourage dialog between artistic approaches, theoretical discourse and the critical examination of art.

N.N. Projects positions itself on the side of the public, takes a closer look at the passive viewer’s role and explores possible new roles, functions and positions.

A continuing project (offline)

Theater der Künste, 28 January 2011

Forum Schlossplatz Aarau, 6 November 2010 – 30 January 2011

Kunstmuseum Luzern, 27 February – 27 June 2010, kuratiert von Christoph Lichtin

Interventions into Curating Degree Zero 2007