Master Project

Susanne Sauter

envisaging. formulating, Language as a model of reality

k3 project space

Jan Christensen (NOR), Solvej Dufour Andersen (DK), Michael Hilton (CH), Bethan Huws (UK), Reta Schudel (CH), Herbert Weber (CH), Rémy Zaugg (CH)

In the exhibition “envisaging. formulating, Language as a model of reality” curator Susanne Sauter presents several artistic positions that with different media, explore the field between spoken and artistic language. The works in the exhibition explore the limits of language: its difficulties, edges and deficiency, as well as our incapability to exhaust its potential uses.

To make ourselves understood and to find our own language to communicate complex ideas is a permanent challenge. Standing in front of the artwork, the viewer is confronted with exactly this selfsame wish: the artworks want to be understood. Confronted with different positions, the viewer recognizes their own experience with spoken language. Art as a specific medium of communication must constantly reflect on it’s own language. How does art communicate? What does it bring about?