Master Project

Francesca Brusa

Occasionally Human.
A curatorial research on sociality

Interviews, public talk
Corner College, Zurich, 10-14 May 2016

This venture aims to write a chapter in the definition of the ontological nature of the relation between two specific productive agencies, curator and artist, and the impact of this relation on aesthetic production. The research investigates different artistic and curatorial approaches to sociality as a productive skill, and conducts through a series of conversations where communication, based on language and affinities, will be recorded and analysed in a television-like set.

Contributions by: Nadja Baldini/Luc Mattenberger, Mateo Chacon-Pino/ Tim Häsler & Philémon Otth, Daniel Morgenthaler/Carmen Weisskopf (!Mediengruppe Bitnik), Julia Moritz/Paulo Wirz, Dimitrina Sevova/Johanna Bruckner, Agustina Struengmann/Martin Schick