Master Project

Miwa Negoro

my grammar and (y)ours?

  • miwa

21 September – 13 October 2018
OnCurating Project Space

with Quynh Dong, Stefanie Knobel, Yamu Wang, and Willimann/Arai
curated by Miwa Negoro

Bodily contour is a boundary between the interior and exterior of the subject, thereby the boundary on which the power of the sociocultural hegemony is exercised. Language and its grammar formulate the system that establishes the dominant norms, gaining the power to form the I. If our body performs ourselves within cultural codes, how can we subvert the dominant ideology? The group exhibition investigates the performative mode of bodies, considering the bodies as a social sphere to utter, to gesture, and to resist in the interdependency with others and foreign. Keeping a critical eye on transcultural representations, my grammar and (y)ours? features artistic practices across choreography, writing, performance, installation, video, sculpture, and text, that challenge the hegemonic mechanisms and geopolitical complexities. Quynh Dong and Willimann/Arai reveal the fluidity of culture and the mobility of things, whereas Yamu Wang’s linguistic approach questions the issues of signification and identification. Stefanie Knobel weaves a narrative, seeking a new subject form: Interfacing the non-. Together with six artworks, the exhibition is an attempt to imagine alternative stories of the bodies.