Master Project

Mariana Bonilla Rojas

Country Focus Colombia.
Short Film Festival Winterthur 2016.

3 film programs
8-13 November 2016, Winterthur
In collaboration with John Canciani, Artistic Director, and Laura Walde, Curator/Programmer

The country focus is a section meant to offer insight into the short film scene of a certain geographical and social area. The programs usually emphasize on an artist, a theme and an organization, looking for pointers that allow a multifaceted approach towards, this year, Colombian cinematic territories. The curatorial aim is on conceptualizing a program of short films that work from the insiders’ perspective, give an account of cultural diversity and reflect upon past or current issues and habits. In a broader sense it is showing the importance of curated programs through the exploration of the terms curating and programming when dealing with exhibiting film.