Master Project

Cindy Hertach

The Pavilion of Memes

Online platform:
Launch: June 2016

The Pavilion of Memes is a digital platform to explore the creative possibilities of memes wit a crucial interest in what happens to images on the Internet—this highly ephemeral and instable space. The aim is to create an environment, where artists can experiment with images and explore the creation and evolvement of Internet memes. Simultaneously, this virtual dissemination will be completed with a physical dissemination in public spaces. For this purpose, memes can be ordered as stickers for free. The Pavilion of Memes is a curated, invitation-based platform and is continually in progress.

Contributions by: Ariana Milionari, Eduardo Montelli, Toban Nichols, Anina Rubin, DC Spensley, Rebecca Uliasz, John Zobele