Master Project

Barbara Marbot

The Nature of Packaging


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Gallery da Mihi, Berne, 22 February-23 March 2016

The artist duo missing icons—selected from five applicants—transformed the gallery and the neighbouring public space to a space of thoughts and open discussions about the worldwide rising of packaging waste. In order to facilitate a dialogue with the inhabitants of Berne, the artists used the industrial overproduction of Tetrapack© to manufacture unique artefacts. Tetrapacks were collected and transformed by turning them over. These sculptures then were photographed and afterwards put in relation to the public space again by a performance or a gesture: Gallery visitors could throw the sculptures from the balcony to the lively street.

Contributing artists: missing icons | Andrea Knobloch and Ute Vorkoeper

Jury: Jelena Delic, Carola Ertle Ketterer, Alice Henkes, Frantiček Klossner, Barbara Marbot