Master Project

Nicolas Büchi

Distance, restructured

  • Photos of the Art Performanc of the TRILATERAL LAB. @distance_restructured

17–19 May 2019
Oncurating Project Space

The exhibition “Distance, restructured” displays the work of the Hong Kong based artist group TRILATERAL LAB for the first time in Europe, resulting in a space-filling installation in Zurich.

What is the structure of distance? How is distance perceived and reworked through artistic work?

The exhibition DISTANCE, RESCTRUCURED seeks to find a new and widely interesting way to curate audial composition, visual choreography and give performance artists unusal source material to work on. Through this collaboration, between the original artwork by the Hong Kong based artists and the reperformance of Berlin based artist SERGEJ VUTUC, the concept of sheer geographical distance, which results in cultural and sometimes artistic difference, will be rethinked and restructured.

TRILATERAL LAB is an experimental performance collective with the aim to challenge the existing form and structure of performing arts. The Lab’s mission is to create an environment where all artists are free to explore new ways and practices for cross-discipline artists to work collaboratively. Instead of surviving under dreadful production schedules, Trilateral Lab is more interested in the unexpected collision and discoveries via creative experimentation and explosive collaboration.
TRILATERAL LAB past performances include Have You Seen Those Lines? (2014) a site-specific work at Hong Kong’s legendary hideout Sense 99; providing artistic support for Alain Chiu’s new media opera Fish in the Hand (2015); Still Life (2016) at Hong Kong Arts Centre; Never Seen (2017) premiered at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Transience (2017) a 360 video. The Lab also co-host a bi-weekly classical music event at the iconic bar Sense 99.
Founded by classically trained composer Alain Chiu, Trilateral Lab consists of multimedia artists, composers, sound artists, choreographers, dramaturge, actors as well as professionals from different backgrounds. The Lab is also dedicated to incorporating new technologies, as a way to stimulate and cultivate new ideas.

Nicolas Buechi
Born 1982, working as Creator & Curator, Art Director and independent artist. After studying at the Zurich University of the Arts, he worked for several exhibtion agencies and museums, always focusing on innovation and creativity. Since a collaboration in 2015, Hong Kong and his art scene became an important factor in his curatorial and artistic work. Together with Trilateral Lab he produced the VR experience „Transience“ about the informal life on the stairs of Hong Kong. His recent works focus on the use of space, interconnectivity of understanding and artistic geography.