Master Project

Giovanna Bragaglia

Slightly Displaced Belonging

Silvan Kälin: Homo Viator
19 October – 9 November 2018
OnCurating Project Space

Artist: Silvan Kälin
Curator: Giovanna Bragaglia

Homo Viator is a being who walks sometimes on deliberate paths, sometimes on mysterious paths, and that he does it sometimes deliberately, sometimes spontaneously; and that, in the majority of cases, he walks partially deliberately and partially spontaneously, on partially deliberate and partially spontaneous paths.
Vilém Flusser

“Silvan Kälin: Homo Viator” is a solo exhibition of the Swiss artist that brings together two new artworks and a selection of artist publication. In the documentary video installation “Lá e cá” [There and Here] the artist presents a research in process with statements from foreigners about their living in different realities, where Brazil can mean there, and Europe here, or vice versa. The pencil drawn animation “Goes and Goes On” raises up imaginative aspects of a being that never ceases its movement, that always goes forward through different steps and paces and accordingly to rhythms.

As a result of a life in between Brazil and Switzerland, his production raises up questions about a cross-cultural contamination and the transitions, through aspects of a dismantled geography.

Two events accompany the show: a public conversation with the artist and the Brazilian curator Giovanna Bragaglia and a live drums performance to the animation by the Swiss musician Christian Bucher who also collaborated with Kälin for the soundtrack.