Master Project

Daniela Fuentes

AT NIGHT, THE SOUL QUITS THE BODY perspectives from the Tzontevitz mountain

30 May–14 June 2014
Gasthaus zum Bären / Museum Bärengasse

Maruch Santiz

Maruch Santiz lives in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Since 1994 she has realized several photographic series in relation to the Archivo Fotográfico Indígena to record the oral traditions, believes and symbolic elements of her locality which have mostly dissapeared in recent generations

The combination of image and text in her work recreate the meaning of simple objects in unexpected ways. Her photographies generate a vanishing point which opens our eyes to where other worlds and realities of another logic take place. These worlds and realities intuitively refer us to our interiors and question –with a touch of humor that ranges quick from naïve to dark– the very basis of the truths taken for granted in the West. Eventually, we realize the main subject of observation in this exhibition is what Maruch’s works confront inside ourselves.

Maruch has a house in her hometown Chamula, not far from the Tzontevitz mountain, a place sometimes romanticized by outsider anthropologists.