Master Project

Silvia Converso

Lesbos Falafel

Independent social initiative
Island of Lesbos/Greece, 26 December 2015-10 January 2016
In collaboration with Leopold Banchini

A few international NGOs and some local groups of volunteers are operating on the island but, however, the needs far exceed the capacity of their staff. The aim of this investigation is to invite people not only to become aware of the humanitarian emergency but first and foremost to help refugees and actively support the volunteering operations on the island. “Given this diversity, it is necessary to establish the strategic relationship between a given project and the larger processes of globalisation through a situational analysis of individual participants and the various institutional organisations involved.” (Grant Kester, The One and The Many)

Contributors: Leopold Banchini, Chiara Banchini, Pierre Cauderay, Silvia Converso, Jacopo Corsini, Julie Melichar, Luisa Pires, Jérémy Schuh