Master Project

Fabienne Ott

ART EMPOWERS – An Innovative Format Of Mediating Art

Modes of Persuasion
May 6–20, 2018, OnCurating Project Space

This joint project with Peter Baracchi und Art Empowers is about surprising encounters that generate curiosity. The room filling installation by Peter Baracchi acts as a catalyst to embrace “THE MODES OF PERSUASION“, encompassing all your senses. Workshops with school classes will enable the various mechanism of persuasion in the advertising industry to be experienced and explored. This interdisciplinary project is a tool to take action and inspires awareness and reflection.

In this project, art is used as a catalyst to experience social relevant topics with as many different senses as possible. The cultural worker captures the experiences in a workshop and in a joint dialogue unknown or changed perspectives can arise. In the exhibition the artwork itself and a documentation of the workshop will be shown.

Through the resulting experiences of this interdisciplinary practice, the children and adolescents experience self empowerment. This project is a tool to take action and inspires awareness and reflection.