Master Project

Sam Scherrer

Carlo Domeniconi

8 November–14 December 2007
Sam Scherrer Contemporary, Kleinstrasse 16. Zurich

Intensely colourful paintings of stripes and grid structures characterize the new work phase of Schaffhausen artist Carlo Dominiconi, begun in early 2006. The structures consist of horizontal and vertical stripes or rods of various width and seem to extend far beyond the boundaries of the rectangular picture surface.

The lines making up the usually quite finely meshed grid structures are precisely contoured and form scaffold-like configurations. When the grids are layered one behind the other, spatial vistas open up. Constellations of this type can easily be interpreted as architectural structures, deconstructed and reassembled as disparate elements (Dr. Dominique von Burg).

Born in 1951 in Schaffhausen, Carlo Dominiconi was awarded the Manor Art Prize in 1988 and the Georg Fischer Art Prize in 1997.

Ongoing programme see Sam Scherrer Contemporary